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Potential Silver Film Chain

For example, dongyangkou Chemical Industrial Park has become the most potential fine chemical industry park in the Yangtze River Delta!

For example, dongyangkou Chemical Industrial Park has become the most potential fine chemical industry park in the Yangtze River Delta!

Where is Yangkou Industrial Park   


Rudong County is located in the North Bank of the Yangtze River Estuary and Shanghai 2-hour economic circle. It is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the East and the Yangtze River in the south. With a population of 1.03 million, the county has a golden coastline of 106 kilometers and a sea area of 6000 square kilometers. It is a famous hometown of seafood, longevity, architecture and education. It has successively won the honorary titles of civilized city of Jiangsu Province, national ecological demonstration area, and the county with the most investment value in the Yangtze River Delta. In 2018, the county's comprehensive economic competitiveness ranked 46th among the top 100 counties.




Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park is located in Yangkou Town, with a total planning area of 12.79 square kilometers. It is a special area for the production and storage of hazardous chemicals in Nantong city. It is a fine chemical industry park with the most vitality, development potential and core competitiveness in the Yangtze River Delta region.



What are we




Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park has successively won the honorary titles of "Jiangsu new industrialization industry demonstration base", "Jiangsu informatization and industrialization Integration Experimental Zone" and "Jiangsu characteristic industry cluster". It has been ranked among the "top 30 Chinese chemical industry parks in 2019" and won the title of "pilot demonstration unit of China's intelligent chemical industry park". It has a certain popularity and reputation in the field of fine chemical industry at home and abroad.

At present, there are nearly 100 chemical enterprises in the zone, including BASF and Sinochem Group, as well as a number of projects invested by listed companies such as Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, YABEN chemical and Sanmei. With Bayer, Sumitomo, Novartis, Honeywell and other well-known chemical multinational companies have good cooperation.



The park attaches great importance to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation. It has successively introduced 2 national engineering technology research centers, built 25 R & D platforms above the provincial level, 13 provincial engineering technology research centers (R & D institutions), 4 provincial enterprise technology centers, and 5 enterprise academician workstations. The supporting infrastructure of the park is relatively perfect. A thermal power plant with a central heating capacity of 700 t / h, a centralized sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 40000 tons, a hazardous waste treatment center with an annual treatment capacity of 60000 tons and a hazardous waste landfill with an annual landfill capacity of 20000 tons have been built.



Water supply, fire control, natural gas and other public works are complete. At the same time, the park has built a first-class intelligent park management platform integrating safety, environmental protection, emergency, energy, logistics, etc., to realize the approval of one official seal and the law enforcement of a team, so as to improve the service and management level of the park.


The industrial characteristics of the park are obvious. At present, the main industrial sectors are pesticides, medicine, new materials and special fine chemicals.


1. Pesticide: the industrial plate of pesticide original medicine and preparation, represented by BASF plant protection, Youjia plant protection, Changqing agrochemical and kuaida agrochemical, has a considerable scale. There are more than 20 national designated pesticide production enterprises, and the pesticide plate has become an important support for the development of the park.

2, medicine: the pharmaceutical API industry plate represented by Hai Zheng pharmaceutical, chang you pharmaceutical, essence pharmaceutical and other enterprises has formed a certain scale, through the national GMP certification enterprises reached 7, the pharmaceutical sector has become an important component of the development of the park.

3. New materials: the new materials industry plate represented by GAOMENG new materials, Keshun Co., Ltd., and Jiujiu science and Technology Co., Ltd. has begun to take shape, and the new material plate has become a new growth pole for the development of the park.

4. Special fine chemicals. The industrial plate of special fine chemicals, represented by Sanmei chemical, YABEN chemical, acetic Co., Ltd. and Hualun Chemical Co., Ltd., has begun to take shape, and the special fine chemicals sector has become an accelerator for the development of the park.

  At present, rudongkou Chemical Industrial Park has formed seven new material industrial chains, including organic fluorine materials, polyurethane materials, polyimide materials, high performance membrane materials and lithium battery materials; eight pharmaceutical industry chains including ceftriaxone sodium, aliskiren, dasatinib and capecitabine; and 11 pesticide industrial chains including bifenthrin, azoxystrobin, fipronil, chlorpyrifos and pesticide preparations Fine chemical industry cluster with supporting development of upstream and downstream products.


What are we doing


We have always practiced the new development concept and firmly established the high-quality development bottom line of "safety first, environmental protection first". In recent years, we have always stressed our two hands.

Focus on the improvement of safety and environmental protection under the new situation

One is to firmly establish the concept of potential safety hazard that is accident. We should learn from the lessons of the "3 · 21" accident in Yancheng, comprehensively carry out enterprise intrinsic safety diagnosis, strengthen risk identification and control and hidden danger investigation and control, strictly implement the "three cards and one certificate" system, strengthen the contractor management, vigorously promote the establishment and audit of primary and secondary standards, establish and improve the comprehensive emergency warning and prevention system, and strive to create a chemical park without potential accidents.

Second, firmly establish the concept of green sustainable development. In accordance with the green development concept of "grasping the great protection" in the Yangtze River Economic Belt proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping, we actively create five parks. That is to implement "cloud" management project to build "smart Park"; build "source" innovation platform to build "science and Technology Park"; promote "water" governance to create "sponge Park"; promote "gas" governance to build "blue Park"; promote "slag" governance to build "recycling Park".


  Focus on the transformation and upgrading of existing chemical industry with high quality development


The first is to implement the industrial policies such as the national and provincial industrial restructuring guidance catalogue, and formulate and promulgate the chemical project review measures of Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park in Rudong Coastal Economic Development Zone, so as to improve the access threshold of chemical projects around safety, environmental protection, energy consumption and economic indicators.

Second, according to the overall requirements of "four batches", we should carry out comprehensive performance evaluation on existing enterprises, resolutely eliminate construction projects that do not conform to industrial policies and industrial positioning, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, accelerate the realization of "replacing cages with Phoenix", and encourage existing enterprises to transform into new materials and high-end specialty chemicals.

What to do in the future

For example, dongyangkou Chemical Industrial Park also has industrial structural problems, which need to be adjusted.


Our future development direction:

Industrial upgrading----

Encourage the extension of industrial chain and eliminate backward production capacity

Enterprise optimization and strength adjustment----

Encourage merger and reorganization to improve resource efficiency

Park green light----

Encourage cleaner production and improve comprehensive utilization



Our initiatives: 

In terms of industrial orientation, priority should be given to the development of industrial chain of new chemical materials and high-end specialty chemicals, and efforts should be made to create industrial clusters of new materials, high-end special chemicals, new pesticides, and new pharmaceuticals.

In terms of spatial layout, the layout is guided by "light in the West and heavy in the East". The first phase of the plot is planned to develop new materials and electronic chemicals industries with low pollution and high added value, while the second phase is planned to develop new pesticide, new medicine, fluorine chemical industry and high-end special chemical industry.

In terms of project recruitment, it focuses on the industrial chain of high-end new materials and special chemicals, such as fluorochemical industry, engineering plastics, functional materials, special fibers, special resins, adhesives, plastic additives, rubber additives, water treatment agents, high-performance surfactants and other high-end new materials. We will vigorously develop new drugs such as vecagrel, erlotinib hydrochloride and peptides.

In terms of industrial supporting, we will expand and strengthen the energy-saving and environmental protection industry, and actively create platforms such as "Fine Chemical Industry Research Institute", "environmental protection incubator" and "environmental protection vein Industrial Park".




Rudong coastal economic development zone not only has a complete system of fine chemicals and its supporting industries, but also has a complete set of commercial and living facilities. At the same time, we have the world's top three natural hot springs, mouth watering delicious seafood, national standard golf courses, and rural B & B for rural life. Welcome friends from home and abroad to experience and taste in xiaoyangkou and invest in xiaoyangkou!